Friday, April 13, 2012

IE z-index bug for absolutely positioned elements

I hate IE. Its because of the way it interprets css standards it makes it painful for web developers. If you are facing similar issue that your absolutely positioned elements are hiding behind content below it do not despair, there is help at hand. Head to this blog.

In brief, giving the parent element a higher z-index actual fixes the bug.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

DIY make your normal TV smart

Question: What to do if you want a "Smart" TV and you don't have the money it requires?
Answer: You take any "Dumb" TV that is good enough and make it smart. Continue reading below to know how.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A new JAVA framework with PHP leanings

Just came across a different kind of framework in JAVA. Usually when we talk about frameworks in JAVA they are always "full stack" with the kitchen sink thrown in for good measures. I am used to developing with PHP frameworks as they are not too complex and also i like the fact that there is no compilation involved. You just refresh the page and you can see the results. This is where PHP excels.

 But what if you want the robustness of JAVA and instant results of PHP? May i suggest Play Framework to you? Not only is it a breeze to get it up and running but also it follows the "shared nothing" approach of PHP which i have always liked for quick web development.

From the Play Framework site:
Play is a real "Share nothing" system. Ready for REST, it is easily scaled by running multiple instances of the same application on several servers.
Also, the fact that it uses "Groovy" as the template language it makes it more appealing for me, cause XSLT is a big PITA and i never "got" JSP. I have to say the designers of this framework got it right. They took the Best of breed programming language(JAVA) and married it to the shared nothing model of the Most popular scripting language(PHP). I will take this framework for a spin soon. Only question running through my mind is, will it scale?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HybridAuth PHP authentication library

Came across this new Social sign-in library which goes by the name of HybridAuth. Seems like it is a good tool when you want to let your users sign-in to your website without registering to your site.

Will give a try sometime later. Check it out here!

New CSS framework from Twitter

Recently one of my friends shared this new CSS framework with me. Named Bootstrap, this is a good attempt at creating a CSS framework and also helps accelerate web development.

Will certainly love to include in my next project. So check it out here!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Idea for an android application

Recently i had this brilliant thought, here it goes. We normally receive so many calls from unknown numbers, it could be great if we know where this call is actually from. I am wondering this can be easily done in a mobile OS like Android. Here is how i think this can be achieved.

1. Create a DB of name-value pairs for all the operators in India (Some guy here has already done it).
2. When a call is received intercept it and look up the first four digits. If a match is made then display the Provider name and State.
3. Optionally, Map of India with a dot for location :)

So if somebody does it before me then its good, otherwise i think i will take it up later when i get some free time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Authenticating users Against Active Directory with PHP

If you need to authenticate users against an Active Directory server in php you need to do this:

$ldap_server = "ldap://" ;//your Domain Name
$ldap_user = "";//AD username
$ldap_pass = "***********" ;//Domain password

$ad = ldap_connect($ldap_server) ;
ldap_set_option($ad, LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION, 3) ;
$bound = @ldap_bind($ad, $ldap_user, $ldap_pass);


Friday, May 29, 2009

creating png images from latex

Recently at work i had to generate images from latex equations. I used Miktex latex suite to generate the images. Here is the template i used for generating the images.

== Preamble ==
\usepackage{mathptmx} % rm & math
\usepackage[scaled=1.0]{helvet} % ss

== Your equation latex snippet ==

== Postable ==


Steps to create image
1) Create a tex file using the above template
2) Create a DVI file using - $LATEX_PATH --quiet --interaction=nonstopmode $temp_tex_file_name
3) you may need to run it twice for formulas to render properly
4) Create png image using - $DVIPS_PATH -q $tmp_filename.dvi -o $tmp_filename.png

You are done!!

Dont forget to write to me if you find it useful.

Make your HTML go on a diet!

In one of my previous posts i showed a technique wherein you could reduce the size of your css and javascript files. You run them through a minify engine which strips down all the spaces and comments and possibly zip it as well while serving.

While it is all fine and dandy for a while but after a while you start to think even after the minify-ing process my html page size is still upwards of 300-400K! Then i think you need to do soul searching like i did. Why do we need all those javascript and CSS for anyway? cant we write css which is only 30-40 lines and still keeps my site functional and javascript which "really" helps the vistior.

Post your comments and suggestions :)

Textpattern and the art of CMS design

Phew a new post after such a long time. It has been a long time i have blogged. So here it goes. This post is about TextPattern. A PHP MySQL based CMS.

I was searching for a simple, elegant and unobtrusive CMS for my personal site. I dutifully headed to for seeing the latest and greatest PHP powered CMSes but sadly none of them fitted the bill for me. I was amazed by the bloat and stupidity of those CMSes.

Thats when i remembered about textpattern. I had known it existed for quite a while but never had the time to take it for a ride. Now that i have done it i am quite happy with it and it seems natural to me. I have added one WYSIWYG plugin and an admin theme. Now i am good to go. More to come later.